About Us

Her Fashion House was created in 2017. While at UGA. Owner and head designer, Kylie Washington felt as if no boutiques reflected her true style. The clothing she wore often did not live up to the high standards most companies state as well. The clothing she bought often ripped, faded, or was made really poorly. This sparked an idea, and Her Fashion House was created, a boutique where high quality and trendy ready to wear clothing is offered while also offering a space where we can make your custom designs come to life as well.

The clothing you wear should directly reflect your unique personality and style. Most boutiques today get away with selling garments that lack creativity and craftsmanship due to the popularity of fast fashion. Her Fashion House is here to solve these issues, we are the boutique where high fashion and fast fashion meet! Head designer, Kylie Washington personally designs each and every garment. Every season we produce our very own trend reports that analyze the current market and societal factors that affect fashion. From this thorough research beautiful, trend forward, hand crafted designs are created. Stand out from the crowd! Shop today and receive 20% off your first purchase!