What drives fashion trends as we enter Summer 2020?

Kylie Washington

My inspiration for Summer 2020 is all about being an X-Factor. An X-Factor means being a variable in a situation that could have the most significant impact on the outcome. It takes a lot to grab our attention today and even more to keep it. The physical world around us is competing with the digital world in our phones and computers. The entertainment, retail, art, and marketing industries are seeing positive results from building immersive brand experiences. Such as, virtual events, exhibitions, trade shows, and pop up shops. The next level of X-Factor is using cutting edge technology tools to deliver multi-sensory experiences that appeal to all five senses. This creates loyalty and builds emotional relationships with your customers. Customization is key for the immersive physical retail experience. This could mean having made to order clothing or tailoring the shopping experience for your specific customers.  

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